Myrise Virtual Career Fair

MyRise Virtual Career Fair is an innovative and highly effective solution for organizations looking to connect with top talent in a virtual setting. Our virtual career fair platform allows organizations to engage with candidates from anywhere in the world, without the need for costly travel or in-person events.

MyRise Virtual Career Fair

The MyRise Virtual Career Fair website will feature both IRDA’s and JOBBUILDER’s branding. Our objective is to collaborate with IRDA and provide more job opportunities for individuals in this tough job market while embracing digitalization in the new normal. The website will prominently display IRDA’s logo and include an official slot for IRDA’s officiating or welcoming video. It will also link to further information on IRDA’s grant programmes, including the training subsidy and wage subsidy programme, so that interested employers who visit the VCF website can learn more about these initiatives. Our aim is to increase awareness and response to these two initiatives for IRDA.