About JobBuilder

JobBuilder started its operation in Johor Bahru since 2010. With the experience of two passionate partners in this industry, we positioned our self as a boutique recruitment firm.

In view of the combined expertise and experience for the two partners, we started our business on the following specialisation:

  1. Executive Search and Selection
  2. Manpower Outsourcing
  3. Contract Staffing

Based on the three areas of speciality in mind, we managed to seize a number of businesses particularly in Johor since then. Iskandar Malaysia, the southern development corridor has accelerated the fast development along our progress. As an active recruitment firm, we have shed our lights and helped hundreds of organisations to solve their human resource issue.

JobBuilder prides itself as a boutique recruitment firm, keeping our numbers small, our staff senior and being flexible in our services. We have been extremely successful focusing on recruiting for established and new start-up companies. We attributed that a large part of that success is thanks to the following JobBuilder’s DNA:

At JobBuilder, we are comprising by a small group. Our team consist of experienced, well-seasoned, knowledgeable and down to earth consultants. In turn, our small team result in a focus on the building long-term relationships and the quality of our work, rather than closing the placement for the clients.

Because of our nature, every client works directly with a highly qualified, capable and successful consultants. We also groom the newly join consultant with a senior, we called it “buddy consultant”. Under such a unique arrangement, we assure that every single detail of clients will be carefully taken care of. This leads to a single point of contact to access the entire resources of the team through the establishment of an open line of communication between our clients and our team.

We also maintain a high level of internal communication, amongst the consultants and the management team. Should a client need access to the Management, there is a high level of availability to clients. Therefore, we believed that better communication would lead to a better mutual fit between clients and candidates.

Flexibility and agility is our another strength, we able to customise a solution for our client based on its requirement as well as align to its strategic business direction. In turn, we help our clients to build its capability through the fulfilment of placement and other types of solutions we delivered.

At JobBuilder, we always believed that the relationship is not measured based on the number of placements we made for our clients, but rather the business growth of our clients. We instilled this value into our JobBuilder’s DNA since our inception. We never forget this founding principle as it leads us to what we achieved to date.

Philosophy and Vision

Here at JobBuilder, we believe that quality is in the details. Much like measuring for a well-tailored suit, being able to provide service of the utmost quality means paying attention to the needs of our clients to not only meet but exceed their hiring needs.

JobBuilder strives to be the one-stop human resource consultancy of choice in the SEA region, provide a perfect match for candidates and employers. We will be happy to see if the aspiration and growth for both parties along the journey.


Brands We Helped Build/Our Proud Partners.

What people are saying about our consultants

Hastiness and Flexibility!

"Consultant team are capable with no delay reallocating focus on the most urgent vacancies and provide the right candidates with hastiness. We enjoy doing business with Jobbuilder and looking forward towards the future where our companies grow together."

Wendy Soo

Financial Controller
Quality Candidates!

"When it comes to a competence of the candidates that Jobbuilder is providing, it is always exceeding an expectations. High quality candidates in Jobbuilder database seems to be a default criteria. We have never been more satisfied with the new team members that joined our company since we engaged in business with Jobbuilder."

Jonathan Eng Cheong Leong

Senior Procurement Officer
Professional Service!

" level of professionalism of the consultants in Jobbuilder is rather satisfying. You always smile after the conversation on phone and it cheers you up for the rest of the day. Only this reason alone is enough to want to work with Jobbuilder."

Mohd Ezzad

Marketing Director
Attentive Qualities of Personnel !

"We were impressed by the ability of consultants to focus on our problems and actually understand our company needs with an extreme accuracy. It is always nice to work with someone who has a full understanding of your challenges and problems. Jobbuilder is always there when we need someone to rely on."

John Chua

Chief Quality Assurer
Leader in Johor Bahru!

"When you think about recruitment in Johor Bahru you actually think about Jobbuilder, because Jobbuilder is an undisputed leader in recruitment services in Johor Bahru. As far as I know all the major companies in Johor Bahru are either engaged in business with Jobbuilder or was engaged at some point. However you will never hear a bad word about the services that Jobbuilder provides."

Lawrence Hoo

Chief Operation Officer
Expertise in Many Fields!

"Jobbuilder team has a tremendous expertise within their fields of expertise. It is always almost an educational experience when you discussing a subtleties of industries, market trends and candidate specifics. After each discussion with Jobbuilder there is a feeling that you have learned something more."

Henry Jurk

Chief Sale Officer
Experts of Manufacturing Industry!

"When it comes to a hiring process in manufacturing industry, Jobbuilder immediately comes to my mind as a direct association, these two correlate together. Jobbuilder has a tremendous experience, knowledge and expertise in manufacturing sector, they are able to source and provide the top caliber candidates from this field."

Thanesh Kumar

Senior Chemical Engineer
Experts of Electrics and Electronics Industry!

"Anyone can tell that if you need a high quality talent that has a great competence and experience in field of electrics and electronics, you certainly need to refer to Jobbuilder. We are amazed by the quickness of sourcing and the quality of the candidates that Jobbuilder delivers to us."

Frank Kristopoulos

Electrical Engineer
Fast Responses and Sourcing!

"It always shocked my how fast they manage to provide high quality candidates, I sometimes think that they do some kind of the magic by crafting a new candidates somewhere there in their company. The same goes with the response time, it is immediate."

Zakaria Bin Hussin

Safety Director

"It is so easy to find a work with Jobbuilder. They are always full of work opportunities and I actually was surprised how supportive and helpful the consultants are. They try to find the best fit for your competence and lead you all the way along to the first day of your work at your new company."

Dhurka Sivalingam

HR Manger

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